Computer/Karaoke Jukeboxes:

Our computer jukeboxes come delivered direct to your venue and are loaded with around 3500 songs. The music has been hand picked to cater for all tastes and includes songs covering the 50's Rock N' Roll era to the current Top 40 hits. The top 40 is always current and is updated weekly with the newest hits.

If you choose to select the "Karaoke Option" the unit is also loaded with an additional 3000 karaoke tunes which are all instantly recognisable hits from the 50's to todays top 40.

The jukeboxes are easy to use and allow you to you select and make up your own playlist or choose from pre-set selections, or they can simply be started and will randomly play songs without any user interaction at all.All play lists are on screen and are grouped into decades and styles with each song being delivered instantly and switching automatically to the next one all without a gap or pause due to our advanced jukebox software. This means that you get thru more music in one night with our jukeboxes.

The software has a fully settable random play option and will choose it's own tracks from the era that you set whenever the playlist is empty.Sound quality and presentation are first rate due to top quality component use all throughout the jukebox units. All units come complete with amplified speakers. All you need to do is supply power.More powerful amplifier and speaker sets are available on request. We can supply small to large P.A. systems to suit any need.Every jukebox includes 2 microphones and a sound activated disco LED "hex" light unit which flashes to the beat of the music.Further lighting packages are available for an additional fee.

Call now to enquire! Our jukeboxes are suitable for any area from the smallest room to large auditoriums so you can be assured that we have your sound requirements covered.